September 2, 2019

Copperplate, Italic & Handwriting

As there is a diversity in artistic and calligraphical styles between Persian and Arabic speaking countries, calligraphical diversity exists linguistically and culturally between other countries. The calligraphy of the Russian alphabets includes dozens of artistic and applied forms among the Russian speaking countries to the north of Iran. In most Russian speaking countries, the art of calligraphy is very important.

Russian copperplate calligraphy style, as well as Russian Italic and Russian handwriting, have been written by Mojtaba Karami in bilingual and artistic form from Khayyam’s poems and Quran verses for the first time. These three styles are taught at the International Calligraphy Center.  .

Saint Petersburg in Russia has the largest collection of world scripts and despite our imagination that Iran pays more attention to calligraphy, Russia is the pioneer in this field.

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