The goals of the center:

1 – Training and transferring international calligraphy art at a professional level to those who are interested in this field in Iran, and noticeably outside of Iran, to provide the possibility for all calligraphers throughout the world to contact and network with each other.

2 – Creating bilingual classical and modern artworks in world literature and religious themes to those who wish to comprehend their enriching concepts internationally, as well as displaying the calligraphy arts of different nations along with Iranian painting art.

3 –Creating multilingual, classical and modern Iranian and non-Iranian artworks, as well as thematic and creative artworks to display throughout the world. Our concentration is on creating multilingual artworks with the priority of Persian literature and poetry as well as famous figures in Iran to convey the message of peace and friendship by well-known authors such as Ferdowsi, Sa’adi, Khayyam, who are the real representatives of Iran to the world.

4 –The creation of artworks with linguistically diverse translations, inspired by lovers wanting to share their passionate stories from various cultures and nations since ancient times until now, is a fitting way to immortalize their stories.

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